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At Brigent Specialty Pharmacy, we create pediatric medication that meets the healthcare needs of children and the expectations of physicians.

The Challenges of Pediatric Medication

If a child has been prescribed medication, administering that medication is about as fun as pulling teeth – for both parties. Children may resist swallowing medication for the following reasons:

  • They hate the taste of the medication.
  • It comes in a form (such as a large pill) that is intimidating to them.
  • The child doesn’t want to take the medication with food or water because they’re not hungry or thirsty, respectively.
  • The dose isn’t ideal for their age/weight.

Parents and pediatric physicians may need to reach out to a pediatric compounding pharmacy to sidestep most or all of these potential concerns.


The Benefits of Choosing a Pediatric Compounding Pharmacy

At Brigent Specialty Pharmacy, we’re focused on customizing medication for children so that delivery is fast and easy.

Our pediatric pharmacists can produce customized medications that treat the following conditions:

How We Make Pediatric Medication Administration Easier

Our pharmacists compound medication to ensure children accept each dose.

Better Taste: We can add yummy flavors and coloring to the medication so that children like the taste and don’t resist administration. The flavor and coloring won’t affect the effectiveness of the medication.

A few flavors we offer include:

  • Grape
  • Raspberry
  • Tutti frutti
  • Apple
  • Peppermint
  • Chocolate
  • Cherry
  • Marshmallow
  • Tangerine
Altered Medication Forms: If a child doesn’t enjoy taking liquid medication via syringe or if it’s hard for them to swallow or chew a pill, we can produce the medication in a different form so that it’s easier to consume.

A few of the forms we can compound the medication into include:

  • Lollipops
  • Gummies
  • Topical gels
  • Oral liquids
  • Effervescent drinks

If a child is taking a long-term prescription and gets tired of it, we can switch the form so that they’re willing to continue taking the medication.

Personalized Doses: In some cases, a prescribed dose is either too strong or too weak for the child’s age and size. Our compounding pharmacy can correct this problem.

Our team is happy to work with the child’s pediatrician to develop an accurate dose that’s appropriate for the child and effectively addresses their health issues.

Custom Medication Ingredients: Some children may experience complications when ingesting certain ingredients contained within a normal prescription. Typically, these are the inactive ingredients. If they’re problematic, such as causing an allergic reaction, we can remove those ingredients.

To better adapt a medication to a child’s needs, we can offer medication that is:

  • Gluten-free
  • Sugar-free
  • Soy-free
  • Dye-free

Professional compounding isn’t simply diluting existing medications, or mixing powders with bases. Our team considers the physical and chemical properties of each active and inactive ingredient to prepare an effective and safe medication with the desired taste, color, fragrance, viscosity, uniformity, texture, and stability.

The efficacy of every compounded medication is influenced by the technique and equipment used in the formulation, the purity and quality of the ingredients, the choice of vehicle (base), and the correct use of additives such as penetration enhancers.