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Home Infusion Services

Home Infusion Services

At Brigent Specialty Pharmacy, we provide high-quality medical care in the comfort of your home. Our Home Infusion Services offer the same expert care as a hospital or clinic, with the added convenience of being at home.

Home infusion therapy administers medications and nutrients directly into the bloodstream. This service is perfect for patients needing intravenous treatments who prefer to stay in their familiar environment. Our highly trained nurses ensure personalized, compassionate care for each patient.

We offer a wide range of infusion therapies, including IVIG, SCIG, monoclonal therapies, injectables, and pegloticase. Our services include strict patient safety protocols, meticulous coordination of care, and 24/7 access to nursing advice and pharmacists.

Committed to making the infusion process seamless and stress-free, we handle everything from pre-certification and billing to medication reconciliation and patient education. We pride ourselves on high patient satisfaction ratings, reflecting our dedication to exceptional, patient-centered care.

Experience top-tier medical treatment at home with Brigent Specialty Pharmacy.

Home Infusion Services

Specialty Infusions:

  • IVIG (Intravenous Immunoglobulin): Used to treat various immune deficiencies and autoimmune diseases.
  • SCIG (Subcutaneous Immunoglobulin): Alternative to IVIG for patients with primary immunodeficiency.
  • Monoclonal Therapies: Targeted treatments for conditions such as cancers and autoimmune diseases.
  • Injectables: Administration of medications that require injection, such as biologics for rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Pegloticase: Treatment for chronic gout refractory to conventional therapy.

Patient Safety and Access:

  • Strict Patient Safety Protocols: Ensuring the highest standards of care to prevent infections and complications.
  • PICC Line Access and Care: Insertion, maintenance, and care of Peripherally Inserted Central Catheters.
  • Port Access and Care: Management and care of implanted ports for long-term IV therapy.
  • Peripheral Infusion Access: Administration of medications through peripheral veins.

Comprehensive Care Management:

  • Medication Reconciliation: Review and management of all medications to avoid interactions and ensure correct dosing.
  • Timely Full-Service Pre-certification/Billing Team: Handling insurance pre-certifications and billing processes seamlessly.
  • 24/7 Advice Nursing Services: Round-the-clock access to professional nursing advice for any concerns or emergencies.

Patient and Physician Support:

  • Impeccable Coordination of Care: Ensuring smooth communication and coordination between patients, nurses, and physicians.
  • Care Management: Comprehensive oversight and management of patient care plans.
  • Patient Product Education: Providing patients with thorough education on their treatment and medications.
  • Patient-Centered Evidence-Based Titration Rates: Adjusting medication dosages based on individual patient responses and evidence-based practices.
  • Communication with Physicians and Patients: Maintaining open lines of communication to ensure everyone is informed and involved in the care process.

Commitment to Quality:

  • Professional, Experienced Nurses: Highly trained nurses with extensive experience in specialty infusions.
  • Patient Satisfaction: Dedication to achieving high levels of patient satisfaction through exceptional service and care.

Our goal is to provide safe, effective, and compassionate home infusion services that improve our patients’ quality of life. Trust Brigent Specialty Pharmacy for reliable and comprehensive infusion therapy in the comfort of your home.